BE HERE NOW: Lockn’ 14

Hello! Just a brief background about myself before I ramble on, my name is Scotty Tichenor. I come from a tiny dot on the map called Centertown, KY. Although it is a tiny town that is still living in the 50’s mind set, we are the home of Bluegrass music. Being raised on traditional music, I have always been determined to surround my life with music that makes me happy.

Back in 2011 I was struggling financially but was determined to see what the hype about Wakarusa Music Festival was really all about. It was then I found out about Work Exchange Team, and haven’t looked back since. After completing all of the credential levels for volunteers, I decided the next step for me was to intern.

After a fantastic summer traveling around to festivals as a volunteer, I now found myself moving to Atlanta to start all over again. The next day after moving to Atlanta, we were on the way to work Lockn’ music festival. Last year was the inaugural year for the festival, which I volunteered for. After my experience with this festival in the past, I knew I was in for a treat!

The moment we got there I was already  experiencing a festival in a brand new way, which was getting there before anything was set up. It was a real treat for me to get to see this weekend only, music city get built from scratch. After settling into our camp, I was then opened up to another couple brand new experiences, golf carts and catered food. What better time to see TWO double rainbows in one day?

The weekend flew by like it always does, except this time it was 9 days, not 4. It was very rewarding as always to be behind the scenes, working. I mostly spent my time gathering supplies, checking volunteers in and out, along with transporting them to and from. Although I spent over half my days with these work obligations, I was also able to experience some truly unforgettable shows and collaborations.

Needless to say, Lockn’ 14 was one for the record books! If for some reason you don’t believe me, ask any of the thousands that were in attendance. They would all say, BE HERE NOW!

Peace & Love

-Shimterm Scotty

WORKA 4 WAKA: The Adventures of Mulberry Mountain

My first introduction to Mulberry Mountain carried a multitude of feelings. My legs were running numb as they began to paralyze from the luggage that engulfed me and the other Shimterns. We had traveled 9 hours to this very spot, and with the mountain on the horizon; I began to feel some sort of feeling shooting through my legs again. I could finally twiddle my toes, and offer a smile towards Mulberry, as we prepared for blast off. As my ears popped- I knew it was time. Mulberry Mountain- Were you ready for us? Were we ready for you? Whichever Shimtern in control of the steering wheel at this time was sure not to steer us off the mountainside. Laughter filled the car, and whatever space we could spare amongst our bags and our antsy bodies traveling upwards- only upwards. It was miles up the mountainside, but we didn’t mind. We had been ready for this moment since we dashed across Georgia (which felt like years ago). When the tires began to match the gravel and straighten out across our path, our smiles had run wider than Georgia to Arkansas- literally. We had reached the top of Mulberry Mountain, and it was time for music, friends, and most importantly- to put our all into making Wakarusa a success.

Where else would you set up the work site on a mountaintop other than a rickety old barn? His personality grew bold with baby birds chirping through the cracks of his skin. The barn was our sanctuary for the weekend, as it had been theirs for life. For me, the barn was a place I could find my friends, my co-workers, and assist in WET. But- for others- the barn was much more. Beneath that rickety roof, I saw volunteers leave as strangers and return as brothers and sisters. The countless times I witnessed hugs, phone number exchanges, and overheard reminiscing of stories, was beyond anything I’d observed since my youth at summer camp. Groups of volunteers would return overflowing with smiles, never bummed about missing a show, but rather embracing the friendships they created throughout the day. Volunteers would, one by one, begin to recruit together at the barn for shows they had planned to see earlier that day. As a Shimtern, this was something I began to look forward to during my shifts, and was never disappointed. Our barn began to represent something much greater than WET.

When I was free from the barn, my hours were spent at the majestic Satellite tent, hidden amongst the trees. Sunshine, unable to kiss the stage, flooded the other stages with an even greater warm embrace. Hot afternoons would soon turn to chilled rainy days. The weather was as spontaneous as the memories created on Mulberry Mountain. As a group of Shimterns, we accepted this fate. We also had to accept the masses of bears that would crawl from their caves towards food, in other words, us. Our neighbors who decided to pack 6 kegs of Honey Mead decided everyone’s fate when they traveled up the mountainside that weekend. 

The music, memories, and friendships created on Mulberry during Wakarusa weekend was an adventurous tale— One that I’m not sure could be told better than by a group of Shimterns. We explored that mountain, and each of us hold our own story & this is MINE. 

Until Next Time,







Mysteryland! Put Your Hands Up!

Hello, everyone! I have the pleasure of interning with Shimon Presents this summer traveling throughout the United States to Music Festivals. (Yes, I am living the dream.)

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the Info Booth/Lost & Found Team at the inaugural Mysteryland USA this year. The Festival was held on the historic grounds of Bethel Woods, New York where Woodstock took place. Mysteryland has had many years of success in Amsterdam and Chile, so it was incredible to see that concept be brought to the United States. The Festival is put on by ID&T (the masterminds behind: Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Sensation, etc.). Getting the chance to work alongside and meet some of the brightest people in the music industry was an inexplicable feeling.

In its inaugural year here in the United States, Mysteryland USA was able to attract nearly 50,000 patrons from countries all over the world. Working the Info Booth not only gave you the opportunity to learn everything that was needed to know about the Festival, but it gave you the chance to meet people that love these events as much as you do. Whether it was someone’s first Music Festival or their 50th, it was an uplifting feeling to see individuals from so many nations coming together to enjoy this weekend to the fullest.

The greatest part about the Festival, from a behind-the-scenes perspective, is the potential opportunity that you can provide yourself with by making as many connections as possible with people involved in the music industry. You are constantly meeting people involved with different departments, so it’s exciting to learn every piece that goes into the success of a Music Festival.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures throughout the summer!


Sea Bass

Gobble Gobble.

So now that we have moved to Atlanta there is all this talk about what we are going to do for Thanksgiving.  Some of us interns now live hours away from home, so traveling to our homes for Thanksgiving probably won’t happen.  Now I guess it’s that time in our lives to make our own traditions as a little intern family.  So what do we plan on doing, you ask?  Well we have some sweet ideas in mind.  Our first idea was to have a catered party with a champagne fountain, but let’s be logical about the situation.  A potluck dinner seems like a much more plausible idea, with everyone bringing a favorite dish to pass, and of course there will be drinks, but not in a fountain form.  Let’s face it as we grow older and start our own lives, traditions are bound to change, but certain aspects of Thanksgiving remain the same.  Being surrounded by good people, friends, and giving thanks to the many blessings that we have been provided with throughout the year, those aspects of Thanksgiving will never change.  With that being said, all of us here from Shimon Presents, wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Shimtern Megan and Abbey

So I know this is a little delayed, but better late than never!  Let’s talk about TomorrowWorld! For those of you who do not know, TomorrowWorld was the first international edition of Tomorrowland, which is one of the largest EDM festivals in the world!  TomorrowWorld itself had 9 different stages, all changing names and genre everyday.  With an estimated number of around 150,000 people total in attendance over the 3 day festival, you could say it was a festival of epic measures!

The WET team traveled on down to the magical lands of Chattahoochee Hills, right outside of Atlanta, GA, where we would find some of the most insane production any of us had ever seen!  It was like we were placed smack dab in the middle of an adult playground!  Just take a look at the pictures above, every twist and turn you took inside the festival brought you a new unique experience.  There was everything from a bookshelf stage with a center talking book to a scorpion stage that moved and spit out fire.  Throughout this whole festival I was never left disappointed, and with its expected return next year, you will for sure see me there in attendance!

As they say at TomorrowWorld “Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery…”

Peace and Love,

Shimtern Megan

Lockn’ Festival September 5-8, 2013

Hi Everyone!

My name is Abbey Vinzant I am 23 years old, and a recent graduate from The University of Alabama. I just began a internship with Shimon Presents, and was able to kick-off this experience working my first event on the farm lands of Arrington, VA. The 1st annual Lockn’ Music Festival provided me with a weekend full of music, joy, and awesome people getting down to their favorite bands over the four day event. A few of my favorite acts that performed over the weekend were The String Cheese Incident, Furthur, TAB, Keller and The Keels, and Widespread Panic to name a few. We arrived on site Tuesday before the festival began to setup and explore the green farm lands that were awaiting the tents and crowds of people to fill in. This venue became thousands of people’s new home for the next few days. Throughout the festival the WET team arose to the occasion working hard to provide the best possible experience to everyone in attendance helping out where ever they were needed and over coming any obstacles that presented itself. I want to thank Lockn’ for providing me with an unreal experience that I will never forget. Lockn’ definitely set the bar high for my festival experiences in the future. See you next year Oak Ridge Farm!

Noodle on!


Halloween is always one of my favorite times of year, because you can dress up and be whoever you want to be with an added bonus of catching some great Halloween shows. This year I spent my Halloween at The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, FL for Hulaween, which turned into a magical 3 day experience spent with friends listening to good music and enjoying good company. The String Cheese Incident headlined this festival (one of personal favorites) playing 7 sets alone. Other bands that were in attendance throughout the weekend were STS9, Leftover Salmon, Emancipator, Catfish Alliance, Elliot Lipp, and many more. I know that I will be talking about this past weekend for many years to come! There are no words to describe the joy and happiness that live music can bring into your life. If I can offer you any advice I would suggest that the next time your favorite band is playing and you are able to attend go for it! It is sure to bring you a lifetime of memories and experiences for you and your friends to share. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween as much as I did now it’s on to the next adventure!

Until next time,

Shimtern Abbey


More Electric Than I Expected: EF2013

          As I rolled out of my tent Monday morning into the blistering sun, I thought to myself, “there is no way it could possibly be over already!” My first Electric Forest experience had come to an end and it was honestly an exciting experience. With top artists such as the legendary String Cheese Incident, Passion Pit, Pretty Lights, Lotus, Benny Benassi, and Empire of the Sun headlining, but the event gets ever better than the top headliners. The magical Sherwood Forest is full of different surprises every night. From surprise silent disco performers to small skits and recitals on various stages throughout the forest, there was always something to look forward to. In the middle of the forest there was a large Chinese Pagoda stage called The Observatory, which was also conveniently a bar. The forest kept surprising me, as well as the great performances by all of the artists. Electric Forest is definitely a festival I will be returning to. Until next year, Electric Forest! Hopefully, 2014 will be even more electric than this year was.